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Creating Collections & ProductsUpdated a year ago

Our POD app works on two central concepts to build your products out:

  1. Collections
  2. Products

Collections are a created based on an original artwork file uploaded. One you have created a collection you can enable Products you wish to sell, and then proceed to customise each product further if you wish.

How To Create A New Collection

  • Go to Collections, upload your art using the file upload function & give your new collection a name. This will create a new collection.
  • From there you can view your collection in the Product Creator to enable products you wish to sell.

Product Creator Overview

Product Creator - Collections Overview

  1. Edit your collection name
  2. Jump to a different collection
  3. Bulk update status - change all products to active or inactive
  4. Product filters - filter blank products by category/status etc
  5. Product Publish Status
    1. No icon - has not yet been created in Shopify
    2. Green icon - successfully published to Shopify and active
    3. Red icon - published to shopify & details have changed. Please Re-publish
  6. Enable/Disable Product - If this is enabled, it will be published to the store when you click "Public Products"
  7. Edit Product - this is where you can change all the details of each individual product.

How To Edit Individual Products

  • Go to Collections, select 
  • Click Edit on a product to start customising a product individually.
  • In the product editor you will be able to:
    • Set Product Title
    • Set Product Description
    • Set Product Tags
    • Enable/Disable Colour Variants
    • Enable/Disable Size Variants
    • See product & shipping costs
    • Set your markup
  • Click Save Product to save your product.
  • Click Publish to generate the products on your Shopify store.

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