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Store Setup / Shipping / Returns

Returns & Exchanges Policies

If a customer has received a damaged, faulty or incorrect item, firstly, we’re sorry! Secondly, we'll be more than happy to fix it - please contact us and we will organise a replacement asap. If a customer has purchased an item and thy have changed t

Store Setup: Customer Shipping Rates

You can set your shipping profiles in your Shopify Admin under: Settings > Shipping & Delivery. Our app does not provide shipping rates back to Shopify automatically, It's completely up to you how you wish to charge for shipping. For example: Orders

Store Setup: Shipping Profiles & Locations

When you install the POD App, a new shipping location is created. This shipping location acts like a separate warehouse to your existing stock that you may already have in Shopify. Shipping Locations are visible under Shopify > Settings > Locations.

International Duties & Taxes

We don't have the ability to pre-pay duties for international shipments at this point in time. There are a few countries where people need to pay duties on arrival. Sometimes parcels are rejected by customers. It happens mostly with gift orders, part

Store Setup: Collect Email Addresses For All Orders

Most of our shipping carriers require an email address when creating a consignment. To ensure a smooth process with dispatching your orders to your customers, please ensure you update your Customer Contact Methods under Shopify Admin > Settings > Che

Payment Authorisation Setup

For an order to proceed into our production queue, it must meet 2 conditions with regards to payment:. You have options to set when a payment is Authorised and Captured within Shopify. See: