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Payment Authorisation SetupUpdated 4 months ago

Setting Up Payment Authorisation Correctly In Shopify

For an order to proceed into our production queue, it must meet 2 conditions with regards to payment:

  1. The payment for the order must be Captured on Shopify
  2. Your wallet must have funds to deduct for the wholesale price of the order.
    See: How Does The Wallet Work?

You have options to set when a payment is Authorised and Captured within Shopify.


We recommend setting this up as:

Automatically at checkout: payment is captured at the time of sale or, in the case of additional payment methods, when the provider completes payment processing. Automatic payment capture at checkout is the default setting. This option saves you time when processing orders and is used by most merchants. 

If you have it set up as Automatically when fulfilled - that might cause some issues as the order will sit in limbo as unpaid - therefore wont continue into our production queue.

Using Shopify Flow To Automate Order Status

If your store requires something different you may be able to use Shopify Flow to change payment capture based on the type of product or fulfillment centre.

For example, this is a Shopify flow used to avoid high risk orders. You could create something similar to ensure automatic payment capture happens for orders from the CS POD App.

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